Tips to Maintain Your Vehicle’s Air Conditioning System

car air knob

Usually, a car is something that is treasured by many. If so you will need to take good care of it for it to serve you well. An air conditioner is a system found inside the car.  Air conditioner service will ensure your luxury.

The air conditioning system depends on various parts to operate with efficiency. These parts include the evaporator, condenser and the compressor. Without proper service and maintenance, this parts will eventually wear out hence servicing prevents them from breaking down.

To help maintain the air conditioning system of your vehicle, here are some tips you’ll have to take a close look.

Have the Condenser Cleaned

Allow the dirt to be removed to allow clean enough air circulation from the air conditioner. It also makes it easier for the mechanic to notice faults in the condenser.

Examine, Clean or Replace the Filters

vehicle ac air filterFilters may be blocked with dirt after an extended period, which leads to unclean air circulation that makes the system not to operate effectively.  A dirty air filter will transport the dirt to the evaporator coil and damage the coil’s heat absorption power.

Have the Air Conditioning System Checked for Leakage

The air conditioning system uses the refrigerant for cooling the air that comes inside of the car. To enable the air conditioner to work well, check on leaks in the conditioning system which usually makes the refrigerant disappear and repair them.

Run the Air Conditioner Once a Week at Least Five-Ten Minutes

To help maintain the gas pressure to keep the compressor working correctly and lubricated and hardening of the hoses and compressor failure is also prevented.

Defrost Mode for About Five-Ten Minutes

To clear on the moisture that is created, defrost mode profoundly helps as well as prevents the mildew and dirty smell that comes out from the wet cloth inside the air conditioner.

Use Air Conditioner in winter

The air conditioner does cool not only the vehicle but also removes humidity from the cabin. It is proper to use the air conditioner in winter to allow your windscreen to be free from fog which as a result may hinder you from seeing while driving.

Re-charge and Lubricate the Air Conditioning System

You should be aware that more than 10% of air conditioning gas is consumed by the air conditioner annually, as a result, may hinder the air conditioner from working as usual as it should hence recommend doing the recharging with gas and lubricating.

Get a Full Air Conditioning Service

ac maintenance in car shopIt should be done before the weather becomes hot, to ensure that you don’t find yourself on the heat wave when it occurs. It enables you to prevent any system fault that could happen in the future. If you do not maintain your system operation well, you don’t put enough gas and oil regularly; the system compressor capacity will reduce as a result not be able to run effectively hence end up spending more on fuel consumption.

Lastly, be aware of what a car entails and before buying the car think about the comfort of having an air conditioning system with you everywhere you go. Then consider maintenance to enjoy the luxury that comes with it.