Porsche Panamera Car

Porsche Panamera Overview and Parts

Porsche Panamera is a luxurious 4 door sedan that is two wheel drive and front engine. The current model was unveiled in April 2009. Diesel and hybrid versions were launched in 2011. The Porsche Panamera was introduced in the U.S.A. market in late 2013.

Porsche Panamera Overview

This car model is considered to be long-awaited Porsche’s 989 concept car that was designed in the early 1980s. Just like its counterpart, Porsche Cayenne, it is a full-size luxury car that weighs 1,800 kgs. Its appearance plus the rear hatch and long hood resemble that of a stretched 911 model. The main difference is that 911 model has a sparse interior since it was meant to offer raw performance.

On the other hand, Panamera has a sumptuous interior that is loaded with expensive leather upholstery and modern technological amenities. Just like Macan and Cayenne car models, the engines of Porsche Panamera are assembled in Stuttgart and the body of the car built in Leipzig, Germany.

Porsche Panamera Parts

The Porsche Panamera requires genuine service and repair parts. Fortunately, there are reputable companies selling original service parts such as oil filters, air filters, fuel filters, and various repair parts.

The car has a V8 engine. Also, it has 4.8 liter Twin Turbo. Thus, it features technologies such as direct fuel injection, on-demand oil pump, variable intake manifold, water cooling system, and integrated dry sump lubrication system.

Porsche Panamera delivers an impeccable blend of interior luxury and on-road performance. It is simply an outstanding vehicle that ranks highly in the super luxury cars. In fact, it is sometimes regarded as a sports car. It is powerful and has an athletic body. It is bound to offer excellent gas mileage. On the interior part, it has beautiful, comfortable seats, spacious cargo room, and lots of modern features. In fact, you do not need a car subwoofer.

The Porsche Panamera is meant for people looking for a luxurious car. The truth is that this car always delivers whether it is high-end performance or comfort. It directly competes with other cars such as Audi A7 and Mercedes Benz S-Class.

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