How to Maintain Vehicle Lighting System

vehicle car lights

A vehicle’s lighting system plays a very fundamental role in your safety, pedestrians, other drivers, and helps maintain road safety in general.  This lighting system can be divided into two categories that are internal and external. In this case, we are going to feature on how to maintain your vehicle’s interior and exterior lighting systems. The following tips will help to maintain your vehicle’s lighting system;


Perhaps the simplest way to manage the lights of your car more so the external lights is by doing an occasional physical inspection. Here, you can have someone check your lights as you deal with the controls to ascertain they are working correctly.  This is a fundamental method that detects faults in your lighting system quickly without having to visit tune shops for check-ups

Cleaning them on a regular basis

car washAs time goes by the lights mostly external ones will be covered with dust, mud or tinny pebbles reducing their effectiveness to as low as ten percent. This can be corrected by merely washing your lights or wiping them with a wet piece of cloth to give them a bright shine and also increase their effectiveness.


Cars lights are made of polycarbonate which with exposure to heat either from the bulbs or the sun deteriorates. This will make the lights to look burned, untidy and old. When your lights are in this condition, it is advised to have your lights polished to make them illuminate light better increasing your safety while driving at night.

Regular electrical system maintenance

It is obvious that the lighting system of a car will not work with a faulty electrical wiring system. Usually, with time the wiring may become loose or damaged. When this happens, you may notice flickering or uneven lighting. The dashboard lights may also not work correctly or have trouble indicating the required and desired signals at the right time. This is actually among the common car maintenance tasks, therefore, necessary to ensure there is a regular check up on your electrical wiring to prevent failure of both internal and external lighting.

Light alignment

Sometimes you may notice that your light illumination is high, low or not pointing to the desired regions. This is as a result of the wrongful placement of lights or movement of lights because they are loosely attached. It is therefore advisable that after a month you should visit a mechanic to ensure that your lights are correctly placed and also firmly attached to minimize their movement.

Swap in pairs

If you find that one of the head or brake lights are not functioning, it is highly recommended to change both. If only one is replaced, uneven lighting will occur that can distract you as well as oncoming traffic.

Specified bulbs

vehicle light bulbDifferent car models will use different bulbs in lighting as specified by the manufactures. In case you need to change the lighting system of your vehicle, it is essential that you stick to the legal recommended bulbs by your cars manufactures for an excellent performance.

For you to stay safe while you hit the road, the lighting system of your vehicle should be in a perfect shape, perhaps, to avoid accidents. Safety means you remain seen or your intentions of driving are known by other drivers.