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TOP 10 Best Window Tints of 2019 – The Ultimate Review and Buying Guide

Are you looking to giving your car an appearance upgrade? Then the fastest and easy way is by installing good car window tints.

The installation of perfect car window tints gives your car a proficient outlook and touch that not many motor elevations can give quickly and efficiently. Because of this reason, there has been an increased growth of window tint market across the globe. In turn, this has led to springing out of many films that are of questionable quality.

Luckily, you are at will to buy preferable car window tints and install them either on your own or with assistance. Every individual wants to get the best value for the money by ensuring that the best window tints and those that fulfill the wild desires are in place.

Top-Rated Window Tints of 2019

Product RatingCurrent Offer
Lexen 2PLY LX Professional Window Tint Film Roll9.8Check Price
LEXEN Complete Pre-cut Tint Kit9.7Check Price
Lexen Two Front Pre-Cut Window Tint9.6Check Price
Auto Express Black Magic Window Tint Film9.5Check Price
TRUE LINE Automotive Window Tint Kit9.3Check Price
Diablo 36 Inches Roll Window Tint9.1Check Price
Pro-tint Window Tint Film Roll8.9Check Price
Mkbrother Uncut Roll Window Tint8.8Check Price
UEIT-View Window Tint Roll8.6Check Price
Gila Xtreme Limo Black Automotive Window Tint8.4Check Price

LEXEN Complete Pre-cut Tint Kit

Is it stressful to cut your window tints to fit your specification? Then the Lexen product is the best for you. Just like its name it comes in pieces that are already pre-cut to fit various window parts of your car hence saves you installation time and money. Besides, the process can be done in the comfort of your home garage.

It’s manufactured using the 2PLY technology which means that it’s scratch proof and can prevent the penetration of UV rays that are harmful to your car’s interior.


  • Easy installation
  • Complete set
  • Scratch-proof
  • A variety of tints to choose from


  • Pricey

Auto Express Black Magic Window Tint Film

Are you always disappointed with pre-cut window tints? Then it’s the best option for you. The black magic window tint comes in sufficient lengths that measure 26 x 76 inches. Though it gives you extra work of cutting, you get the advantage of correctly sizing your window tint to fit your car to your specification.

Its UV rays proof giving your sensitive car interior the protection it deserves. Installing this window tint is easy it uses static energy and thus saves you the hustle of applying glues or other sticking materials. It is advantageous because it’s detachable and reusable.

It’s offered in three percentages; 5%, 20% and 36% VLT meaning that you need to purchase several rolls if you want various shades.


  • Easy installation
  • Reusable
  • Comes in good sizes
  • Can be used in different cars
  • Pocket-friendly


  • Comes in few shades

TRUE LINE Automotive Computer Customized Window Tint Kit

The unit is one of the pre-cut window tints. You are required to send your vehicles specification, and then you get your already cut window tints.

It comes with a wide range of kit sizes. The available options to choose from are the full kit or the customized kit. The complete kit comprises the entire side windows plus the rear one while the customized kit includes only the back passenger window or the back window itself.

There is also an extra package for those who have sun-roofs. In case your car has some tinting already, then this true line product can act as an extra cover which gives your car an elegant look.

The quality of this product is definitely an amazing one, fitted with four layers of tint you are assured to be protected against harmful UV rays and also privacy as it is almost impossible for someone to peep from the outside


  • Pre-cut
  • Customized for convenience
  • UV rays protection
  • 4 level tint options


  • Pricey

Diablo 36 Inches Roll Window Tint

Just like its name suggests this product is sold in rolls, unlike the already pre-cut options. When buying this roll version, you get a lot of the product which is about 90-100 feet which is more than enough unless you are working with a long limo.

If you are installing this window tints at home, it is a bit tricky to get it correct the first time, so this diablo product gives you enough material to practice with at first.

It has a twin ply polyester structure with no dye with a guarantee that there will be no decoloring or fading. The double polyester is also thick and robust enough to withstand any weather conditions giving your car interior the protection it deserves.

It’s also is metal free ensuring that the GPS or cell reception in your car is uninterrupted.


  • Metal-free
  • Enough material
  • UV rays protection
  • Anti-fading


  • Tricky installation

Pro-tint Windows 36×10 Window Tint Film Roll

Do you have a wild preference when it comes to window tints? If so the pro-tint got you covered. This window tints comes with different shades coverage that include 5%, 30%, 35%, 45% and 50%. It’s an advantage because as you fulfill your tint desires, you will also be in line with the law requirements.

Despite the different VLT percentages this window tint is 99% UV rays proof, this ensures that your car’s dashboard, fabric, and the entire interior does not fade.

Through its thick layer, it provides a conducive and cool intensive. That way it also saves you the extra cost that would be used on AC during adverse heat conditions. This cover can also prevent any solar shimmers that may hinder your visibility when driving.

The sizes of this roll are credible; it measures 36×10 feet which is more than enough to cover the entire car giving you a good worth of your money.


  • Variety of shades available
  • UV protection
  • Prevents solar penetration
  • Gives a cool interior
  • Comes in large sizes


  • Needs cutting to install

Mkbrother Uncut Roll Window Tint

If size is your biggest concern when it comes to tinting rolls, then you should not be worried because this Mkbrother product is sufficient enough. With 24×25 feet coverage, it’s one of the biggest in the market. It can cover up to five windows.

It comes with different VLT that include 5%, 20%, 35% and 50%. If you wish to have different shades on different windows in your car, then you will be forced to buy more than one roll.

The structuring of this roll is one of a kind. It is designed in a way to protect you from UV rays by up to 99% and also a 50% solar energy protection giving your car a nice relaxed feel. It is also non- metallic which means you need not to worry about any radio and satellite interference in your vehicle as you use your phone or the GPS.


  • Large size
  • Non-metallic
  • A wide range of tints available
  • UV protection


  • Needs cutting before installation

UEIT-View Window Tint Roll

Sometimes window tints can get bubbly when installing which is quite annoying, if you are the type of person who likes an intact window tint then the UEIT product is the best. With its anti-bubbling material, it’s easy to install.

Due to adverse weather conditions, most window tints will peel off, but the UIET doesn’t. Structured with high heat resistance the UEIT window roll is resilient and gives an extended lifespan compared to others.

The 2-ply technology used on this tint gives it an extra thickness making it scratch-proof and also anti-fading. It is wide enough measuring up to 100 feet long giving you enough material to cover all your car tinting. The VLT percentage on this product includes 35%, 25%, and 5%.


  • Resistant to bubbling
  • Heat resistant
  • 2-ply
  • UV ray resistant


  • Metallic

Lexen Two Front Pre-Cut Window Tint

Are you an owner of a two-door car? Or do you need a replacement of your two front windows? The Lexen product only covers the front windows of your vehicle, and hence the pricing is more than fair as compared to other products.

Because these products are pre-cut before ordering, you are needed to send the exact specifications of your car which primarily entail model, body type and year of production. This helps the manufacturer cut the product to the specification of your exact vehicle.

It’s made using the two-ply technology which makes it scratch resistant, non-reflective and UV rays- proof. It also comes in different VLT percentages which include 35%, 15%, and 5%. The 5% is ideal for high-end cars.


  • Scratch-proof
  • Blocks UV rays
  • Variety of tints
  • Easy installation


  • Fades quickly

Gila Xtreme Limo Black Automotive Window Tint

If you are a great fan of dark films then this is the product for you. It is extremely black with a single VLT OF 2.5% meaning it can block up to 97.5% of light from entering into the car. So one would wonder what the advantages of such a dark tint are. However, it provides an intriguing level of privacy.

The structure of this product is one of a kind. It is made scientifically using a deep-dye formulation that gives it a lasting and non-fading touch for quite some time. It also prevents UV rays from penetrating and damaging your car’s interior. It’s also scratch resistant.

The size is not as big as the other window tints in the market as it only measures 24×74 feet which are just enough to cover two windows.


  • Non-fading
  • Decreases glare when driving
  • Promotes privacy
  • UV rays protection
  • Scratch resistant


  • Small size
  • Present only in one tint

Lexen 2PLY LX Professional Window Tint Film Roll

If you are interested in buying large size roll, then you should check out the Lexen 2PLY LX. It measures up to 20 inches by 10 feet which is enough to entirely tint two to three windows depending on their surface area. The pricing is also fair compared to other same quality products available.

The structuring of this tint is of good form. It is scientifically crafted using the 2PLY technology, and the coloring done in polyester. It indicates that the window tint is thick enough making it scratch resistant and also protective against any UV rays that cause damage to your sensitive car interior.

It also plays a significant role in reflecting infra-red rays keeping your car’s interior cooler even in hot weather conditions hence saves you fuel that would be used to power up the AC.

The various VLT percentages in this kind of tint include 5%, 15%, 35%, and 45%.


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Large in size
  • UV protection
  • Cools your interior
  • Scratch resistant


  • Does not stick very well

A Detailed Buyer’s guide for The Best Window Tints of 2019

Tinted cars are most people’s fantasy. Mostly many drivers do not put much thought to the more delicate details when it comes to buying window tints. Yes, window tints will make your car look cool, but there is more to it than the appearance.

With so many car window tints and sellers in the market today it can be a bit confusing when purchasing this kind of product. Here is a list of the fundamental things you should consider before investing in car window tints.

Pre-cut or rolled

Different manufacturers have different methods of attracting buyers, and this is one of the most significant means. Pre-cut window tints mean that you send your cars specifications and the tints are cut and sent to you ready for installation. It’s an advantage because it saves you time and also the cuts are done professionally. The rolled type means that the film is sent to you as a whole and you do the cutting yourself.

UV and infra-red blocking

You should ensure that the product you are purchasing has either of these two elements because UV protection will prevent your car’s interior from fading or getting defaced. While infra-red protection makes your car’s interior cool saving you fuel that would be used to steer up the AC.

Metallic elements

Some window tints are manufactured using metallic element which affects signals in your car. If you frequently use GPS or phone services, then you should avoid products with metallic elements.

Tint percentage

Any window tint will have a well-marked VLT percentage. This means that the described percentage on each film is the amount of light that that film allows passing through. You will note that the lower the percentage, the lower the amount of light that passes through it.

The law

The law goes hand in hand with window tint percentage. Different countries and states have different rules concerning the level of tint, so it is better to get well informed of your respective tint laws before purchasing to avoid getting into trouble.

Our Recommendation

The above-featured window tints are definitely the best in the market currently. However, the LEXEN Complete Pre-cut Tint Kit is our recommendation because of its structure qualities which include scratch resistance, UV protection, its coverage and also the brand name Lexen has been a household name producing quality car products for quite some time.

The Auto Express Black Magic Window Tint Film is also another best option because of its over whelming size, various VLT percentages, the UV protection components and it is also pocket-friendly.


They say little things matter the most so is the case of car window tints. Though a tiny detail in a car, they play a significant role in the maintenance and functionality of your vehicle. It’s vital to choose a quality film that is durable and will serve you for quite some time.