Best Truck GPS – Detailed Review of Top Picks

best truck gps

Having a GPS Tracking Device on your truck is a great investment. Actually, it helps to reduce the hazard of getting misplaced or taking a lot of time-ingesting the direction. In this guide, you we discuss the best truck gps you can find on the market. Ultimately, investing in quality a truck GPS helps the driver to be more confident throughout his or her journey.

And as matter of fact, buying the best GPS Tracking Device is a quite overwhelming especially if you do not have the right information. Also, the market is flooded with different brands which make it even harder to make the right decision. You definitely want to make a purchase that will give value to your ill-gotten money.

To avoid plunders that most of us make when shopping online, you must carry out your own due diligence. Do not rush into buying a tracker based few reviews that pop up once you browse. For that reason, here are key factors to consider when buying a truck.

Factors to Consider When Buying A Truck GPS

Passive or real-time
It is good to define your needs before making any step towards making a purchase. Ensure that you choose between a real-time and a passive tracking System. Make sure you review these tracking options before making advancements. The passive tracking device has a receiver that institutes the GPS information.

The information that is stored here is later downloaded to a local server. This actually occurs when the truck is driven back to the company headquarters. The information is downloaded by the presence of internet data or a WI-FI Hotspot. For the real-time tracking system, it uses a satellite modem.

Its working is based on the predetermined frequency which implies that its satellite data will be updated continuously into the servers. This plan is preferred by most people since there is a limited risk of losing the information.

Your personal needs
Always consider the driver and the use of a tracking GPS device before making an order. You need to invest in something that is worth and makes sense to you. You should not go the tracking device blindly. First, apprehend your needs and revise whether the device is dependable and accountable.

There are several choices in the market and they range from simple to complex setups. Therefore, make your final decision based on the driver’s skills and the general setup process. Taking a glance at your needs and alternatives, you will definitely make the right decision.

Features and Options
Daily updates on the routes and fuel stations make your driving experience more exciting. A good GPS truck device with great features is something you can on throughout your trucking career. Knowing the features of every device will help to make the right decision. Some of the basic features to look for include notifications, mapping, and dispatching. Basically, go through all the features displayed and determine if they can be of help.

Cost is an important factor that should not be overlooked whatsoever. Most people think that Passive systems are cheaper compared to the Real-time solution systems. This is because we fear that the Real-time solutions require monthly wireless thus making it more expensive. Actually, this is false because there are many real-time solutions that are affordable.


What Features Make the Best Truck GPS?


Whenever you want to purchase anything from either online or offline platforms, there are key things that you consider in almost every product. We often do this because we want to realize the worth of our ill-gotten money. The same buying approach must be applied when buying a new truck GPS system.


Apart from other factors like warranty and the cost, you need to consider the features possessed by every device. Actually, a truck GPS Navigation system of a car has a huge difference from that of a truck GPS navigation unit. That is why it is very important for a buyer to carry out his or her own due diligence before making any advancement towards the purchase.


Most people make mistakes when buying stuff due to lack of information. For this reason, we have compiled some of the key features of a good truck GPS. Keep reading to understand what to look for before making a truck GPS order.



Mapping is a very important feature in every tracking system. Mapping allows the driver to magnify images on a street level. Mapping may include a verbal name of the road and turning direction. Mapping can also help the driver to re-route when they take a wrong turn. Proper mapping can help you to predetermine the amount of fuel you are going to determine throughout your journey.



Whenever you are looking for a new tracking system, make sure you look at the traffic alert feature. A unit with a good alert system will update you from time to time about traffic, the location of accidents, road construction worksites, traffic detours and many other delays. The alert feature gives a vivid description of the geographical phenomena of the road. Throughout the journey, this feature will update you about sharp curves, narrow road and steep roads.


Approved Roadways

Truck GPS systems contain a precise map that shows approved long and short roadways.  The map can show you roads that can support the weight of your truck. This helps you to avoid heckles and brushing shoulders with the authorities.


Driver Assist

Another important feature to look out for when purchasing your new GPS systems is the driver assist features. This feature makes the work of the driver easy and helps to save time. A driver assists feature is responsible for giving information about the nearby towns, garage, fuel stations and towing services. Other services offered by driver assist features include showing the driver the truck stops, eateries, weigh stations, rest and lodging stops and other basic information.


Trip Log

Most GPS systems come with an automated electronic trip logging monitor. This trip log feature gives a list of activities done by the driver throughout the journey. Actually, it shows hours of service, sleeping duration, driving status, meal timeout, mileage, off-duty, and fuel data. A good thing about this feature is that it keeps the log data of each driver who drove the same truck. This makes the work of the fleet manager easy and clear.



Some GPS Units contain a stable WI-FI connectivity and a reliable Bluetooth technology. Some of the features involved in connectivity include the microphones and speakers. A microphone and a speaker allow the driver to communicate without necessarily picking up a call. This has helped in minimizing accidents that are caused by drivers who use phones while driving. For this feature, one is able to communicate while maintaining an eye contact.

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Why the Best Truck GPS?

A Global Positioning System (GPS) device is a navigation radio satellite system that is used to track the physical position of an entity or an object. The two main options of GPS tracking systems include the passive solutions and real-time solutions. These devices are installed in the ELDs to monitor the geographical positions of vehicles on transit. There are many benefits that are associated with the use of GPS in the monitoring of vehicles especially the trucks. Keep reading to apprehend some of the key benefits of having the best truck GPS system for monitoring your vehicle.

Minimizing fuel costs
Having a constant driving speed can help to save fuel usage. The GPS tracking system gives the speed details at which the drivers are moving. This system can be a useful tool in identifying the causes of fuel wastage. Fleet managers can use the system to locate drivers that unnecessarily idling or over speeding. An individual or a transportation company can use the system to monitor the pace at which their vehicles are moving in order to avoid fuel wastage. Another advantage of using the GPS system is to identify shorter routes in order to cut down the expenses.

Safety is one of the main reasons for the invention of the GPS tracking system. Actually, most people install the system because they want to safeguard the vehicles and the safety of their drivers. The truck GPS system is used to encourage the drivers to be accountable for the actions they take throughout the journey. The logic gives them a reason to stay conscious whenever they are given a task to deliver. Since they are conscious that they are being tracked, they will definitely stay grounded within the rules of the company. Also, they will be cautious over speeding, braking and other actions that might cause accidents.

Job security

Installing the best truck GPS can promote better results for the drivers. The better the results the more the drivers become reputable and their jobs become secured. Most vehicles that do not contain the GPS system encourage carelessness from the drivers since they have nothing monitoring their actions. They end up committing offenses which may cost their jobs and cost even cost the company. The more the profits the more jobs opportunities are created.

Reduce disputes
The use of the GPS tracking systems has promoted cohesion between customers and employees. With a good fleet tracking system, you will be able to know the position of your vehicle at all times. This implies that you will be able to the period your employee has spent at your customer’s place. With accurate records, you can be able to solve problem concisely. This will promote a healthy customer-employee relationship.

Easy Documentation
Having the best GPS tracking device will aid in the documentation for ELDs. Also, the GPS tracking system can be used instead of the manual paper logs. With the manual system, the fleet manager waits until the moment when they get the ELD complaints which makes the GPS more practical. You can train your driver in the shortest time possible and achieve your goals without resistance.

Top Truck GPS

We explore a list of the top GPS truck 2018 that you should know. Having a better understanding and the information of what the best products in the market are and what will be very critical in making you pick the best truck GPS. Have a look!


  1. Garmin Dezl 570LMT 5-Inch GPS Navigator

This is perhaps one of the fascinating GPS for drivers. Whoever designed this device did so with drivers in mind. It takes into consideration all the things that might be dangerous in your vehicle. For instances, the weight of your truck, the dangerous gas that can be harmful to your life and such like things are taken into account. The Garmin Dezl 570LMT 5-Inch GPS Navigator is pocket-friendly despite the fact that of its great capability.


  1. Rand McNally TND740 LM IntelliRoute 7″ GPS Truck Navigator Lifetime Map Updates

It is its effectiveness that makes to have a high demand in the market. One of the common characteristics that is associated with it is its ability to give extremely accurate Map updates. You, however, need to understand that when it comes to this device, you will have to deep deeper into your pocket. After all, nothing good comes easily on a silver platter. Also, cheap is expensive.


  1. Rand McNally TND530 Truck GPS with Lifetime Maps and Wi-Fi

If you are looking for the best truck GPS, then you should not look further than this. Rand McNally TND530 Truck GPS is designed with the objective of making your life more comfortable and realistic. Some of the features associated with it include lifetime maps, two interface options, nearby amenity search, toll cost notifications, 7 in. display and many others. If you look at all those features critically, you will realize that it wants you to need for smooth travel.


  1. TomTom Trucker 620 6-Inch GPS Navigation Device for Trucks with Wi-Fi Connectivity


It is also one of the best GPS truck that we have on the planet. It can help you predict the traffic conditions.  If you are the type that does not like wasting your time, then this is what you need. It will help you save the time that you would have wasted in traffic jams and such like situation. You, however, need to understand that it is somehow expensive but worth the amount that you are going to buy it.

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