Best 6.5 Speakers – Buyer’s Guide

best 6.5 speakers

When you start hearing the rattling and disgusting sound from your car audio system, that is a sign that the current speakers are outdated and therefore need to be replaced.  You need to replace them with the best 6.5 speakers you can find on the market. With so many types in the market, the whole process might be a bit challenging. However, if you set some of your time aside to do an extensive research, you increase the chances of making the right choice are high.

Even if your car speakers are still intact, you might want to upgrade them so that you get the best out of your audio system. The quality of music that you get from your car depends on the quality of the speakers that you intend to install in the car.  In addition to that, the brand that you are going to buy from is a critical consideration that you should make. Also, the place where you buy is another important factor to consider.

Top 6.5 Car Speakers 2018

Not all 6.5 car speakers that you see out there are capable of giving you the quality music that you seek. Some are just there for other calibers of people. This is why we have compiled a list of the top speakers for you. Have a look!

ProductRatingCurrent Offer
Pioneer TS- Series8.8Check Price
Jeep Wrangler 6.5 KICKER Speaker8.5Check Offer
JBL GT 6.5-Inch series8.1Check Price
Polk Audio DB series8.0Check Price
Kicker 40CS6547.8Check Price

The Best 6.5 Speakers

Whether you want to buy new car speakers or replace the old set, you will be bringing back the life of music in your car. With several brands in the market, it can be quite an overwhelming task looking for the best set. Nowadays, people have opted to go for different brands that produce 6.5 car speakers. To make your work easier when shopping for a new speaker set, we have made a detailed list of the best 6.5 speakers from different brands. Keep reading to apprehend individual features of the best 6.5 speakers from various brands.

Pioneer TS- Series

Pioneer is among the leading brands in producing quality car speakers. A 6.5″ pioneer TS 4 Way Speaker set is affordable and renders high-quality audio. Some of the features that make it to standout include a big one which is used to offer about 15% of the surface area as compared to other 6.5 speakers. This feature makes it perform better even in lower frequency bands.

It also has a great RMS rating of about 60 Watts and each speaker possesses while each speaker 30 Watts of power. Also, their maximum power rating is about 350 Watts. These speakers are also able to project mid and high-frequencies in a uniform manner. Pioneer TS series speakers have bigger magnets to increase the drivability of their diaphragm.

Jeep Wrangler 6.5 KICKER Speaker

This is an upgrade done by Mopar. It is the best choice for every person that drives a Jeep vehicle. However, it can be used as well used by other car owners apart from jeep vehicles. A Jeep Wrangler JK twin speaker has 75 watts of rating, and an upgrade by Mopar has a rating of 150 Watts.

It is not only loud, but its audio quality makes it a worthy investment. With large magnets, the upgrade of jeep wrangler twin speakers has shown a remarkable improvement in the quality of bass. In addition, the strong bass is as a result of a proper cone shape of the set.

JBL GT 6.5-Inch series

The great JBL GT 6.5-Inch speaker series is a two-way pair of car speakers that is loved by many. Actually, no list of best 6.5-inch car speaker is complete without a mention of this pair. A JBL +1 cone technology helps to enhance its overall output. Its RMS rating offers a 90 Watts power handling at 3 ohms impedance.

Additionally, the JBL 6.5 speaker makes use of a voice coil that has a lower impedance as compared to other 4 ohms generic speaker sets. Its tweeters can be easily adjusted to allow you modify it in order to have an optimal sound.

Polk Audio DB series

Finally, I had to include a Polk CB series because its 6.5-inch two-way speaker set is magnificent in terms of its features. It has a dynamic balance of polymer and mica-made cone. The cone is durable and light as opposed to other speakers. Its RMS power rating is 100 Watts. Its maximum power output is rated about 300 Watts. And at a 4-Ohm impedance, it cannot distort the sound even at its highest volume.

Kicker 40CS654

If you are looking for the best 6.5 car speaker that will soothe your heart anytime that you are in your care, then search no more. Kicker 40CS654 is the best choice for anyone who wants to upgrade the sound quality in their car.  Another good thing with this type is that there are suitable for any type of car.

It is also good to mention that once you possess the Kicker 40CS654, you will not have to think of buying another one anytime soon. This is attributed to the fact they offer quality, and they are durable enough to guarantee the value of your money.

Our Choice

Now that we have given what we consider to be the best option for you based on extensive research and online reviews, it is high time that we give you we believe is the best for you. The Pioneer TS- Series can be a great option because the manufacturer tends to focus on the quality rather than anything else. So, if you are after the top quality, then this is the best option for you.

Another option that we recommend for you is Kicker 40CS654. The Kicker 40CS654 gains more popularity than its peers all over the world because of two main reasons. One is that it is generally cost-effective. The second reason is its ability to provide the quality sound that anyone will wish to have in their cars.

Why 6.5 Car Speakers In Your Car?

Why 6.5 car speakers and not any other? That is probably the question that you are asking yourself. Well, buying the 6.5 speakers is probably the best moment to upgrade your car stereo system if you are not satisfied with the current set up.

Before doing the upgrade, you must know the best speakers in the market that will definitely meet your needs. In addition, you should always make a purchase that you will be proud of. The whole process starts with apprehending the benefit of having a new set of car speakers. Actually, there are many reasons that can make you upgrade your car speakers. Keep reading to know some of the benefits of having best car speakers in your car in order to make an informed decision.

Better Sound Experience

One of the many benefits of having the best car speakers installed in your car is to have a better sound experience while listening to music or radio. Actually, lower frequencies create a sense of articulate and fullness in any music. You should know that car speakers are a bit smaller and less powerful than your home stereo speakers. That is why they may not replicate low frequency sounds better.

Therefore, without a good subwoofer, you can end up listening to hurting your ears or breaking traffic rules because you will be forced to listen to upper registers of a sound. A good set of car speaker allows you to listen to a richer bass even in a lower frequency and tone.

Magnificent Sound Blend

Installing the best speakers in your car will earn you a great sound blend. Most drivers that have poor speaker sets in their cars have had trouble with many units sending soundwaves out from varied locations. The result is that the final sound does not blend well at all. However, with a quality three-way system, you will get better sound uniformity. This is earned as a result of the tweeter being nested at the top of the car or even inside a mother-bass piece.


Better speakers imply that they are made of quality materials. And any product that is made of quality pieces serves the user for quite some time before they sell out or decrease their performance. For you to get best speakers, you need to make a purchase based on the brand name. Better speaker materials can help to resist extreme conditions that they may be exposed to. You will not have to repair continuously or replace your car speakers from time to time once you have the best quality.

Reduced Disturbances

A great system in your car means fewer disturbances from various external factors. Any unwanted sound reduces the sound quality from your car radio. However, having amplified speakers in your car can help to curb the issue of external sounds. Also, a well-amplified car speaker can help to kill the issue of distortion which affects the stereo.

Proper Space Utility

High-quality car speakers do not take more space because they are designed to occupy less space. However small they are, they still produce great and strong sound. This means that you will save more interior space while enjoying an enhanced audio.


With a wide range of 6.5 car speakers to choose from, extensive research is very necessary for you to make the right choice. Also, talking to your family members and friends about the same can be a great idea if a quality speaker is your thing.

Also, we are living in the era where people are thirsty to make easy money. What this means is that if you are not careful, you will end up buying counterfeit products. This is why it is recommended that you buy all your products from a reputable outlet.

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